ChangingEnergy Selected for IBM’s Watson Build Challenge

Begins development on cognitive business solution using IBM Watson APIs on IBM Cloud to bring AI to the energy sector

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK – 22nd June 2017: ChangingEnergy has been selected in phase two of the Watson Build challenge to develop its cognitive business plan, EnergAI, into a working prototype using IBM Watson APIs on the IBM Cloud. IBM will provide ChangingEnergy with access to IBM development tools, business mentors and cognitive specialists to bring its concept to life.

The Watson Build challenge is IBM’s first cognitive challenge designed solely for Business Partners. In phase one, IBM received hundreds of business plan submissions from business partners around the world. In phase two, select Watson based solutions were chosen to progress to the next phase where partners will build working prototypes to demonstrate these cognitive products and services.

“The response to our first-ever Watson Build challenge for business partners has been phenomenal,” said John Teltsch, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “We congratulate ChangingEnergy for presenting a strong business plan centered around IBM Cloud and Watson and progressing to the next round of the challenge. We look forward to supporting ChangingEnergy as it works on its cognitive AI prototype for the energy sector, with the goal of bringing it to our joint clients.“

The EnergAI suite of solutions work by tapping into IBM Watson to effectively replace biased, fragmented, siloed decision making with unbiased, mechanistic, fully determined and automated process. The focus of “human” work can then shift away from resource-heavy routines to more client-centric, value-add advisory services which augment a foundational “energy knowledge base”.

Thanks to cognitive capabilities, the underlying “layer” of decision support automation is itself not static, but rather capable of “learning” and “evolving” in a way that the baseline itself continues to evolve into a more sophisticated best practice “ground truth” for the energy sector.

The integrated EnergAI decision support suite of six serviceable solutions for the energy sector are AI-enabled, leveraging key Watson APIs from the IBM Cloud platform as well as Watson analytics for social media (WASM). ChangingEnergy sees the development of machine learning solutions coupled with real time energy market intel as part of a long term convergence in the tech and energy sectors, eventually leading to mobile, device-enabled, shared access and control of energy generated, consumed and traded across widely dispersed IoT-connected assets.

ChangingEnergy is an IBM Business Partner in IBM PartnerWorld, a program that gives channel partners the resources and tools they need to succeed in the Cognitive Era.

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