ChangingEnergy shortlisted!


Designed, built and demoed in Cannes in Oct-2017 an IBM WATSON / Bluemix AI solution for energy

Test drive a cognitive application for the energy sector


ChatBot orchestration - see how integrated user interaction with Watson Conversation, Watson News Explorer, Watson Analytics and Watson Knowledge Studio triggers machine-learning enabled energy education, analysis, forecasting and trade support

or forecast energy prices using machine learning

ML Demo

Using Python and TensorFlow

Its not all about Watson...

IBM Analytics

BI, Big Data and Predictive Analytics for the energy & renewables sectors


Exploration in IBM Watson Analytics - installed generation capacity in Germany

Optimizing the German power market using FICO Xpress (Insight)


Development of the Portugese Wind Industry using Datawatch



Use cases with data from National Grid Transco's UK TEC Register Feb 2014:

...and watch actioning energy asset data into insight on a Pentaho dashboard:

NGT Transco TEC Register
UK energy predictive analytics
Amprion Aktuelle EEG Anlagendaten / Renewable Asset Data
German energy predictive analytics
Wikipedia Chinese Power Plant Data - Pentaho Agile ETL
Chinese energy predictive analytics

Please contact [email protected] to build your renewables/energy business use cases.


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