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Visual AI solutions serving data insights

Enterprise AI typically only gets buy-in at a non-technical (C-) level. Inverted thinking, working backwards from presentation layer to solution innovation and data ingestion.

Quick-turnaround AI Implementation focussed on MVP-buy-in with optional team or 1-1 training.

Cloud-agnostic analytics

Azure, AWS, GCP from an Azure-certified AI Engineer & Data Scientist and AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner

Automated Data Ingestion

API-architected Cloud, SQL & Python solutions with pipeline automation and data drift in mind

Full Stack DS

Python Notebooks plugged into cloud and front-ends (PowerBI, Dash/Flask, Django, Streamlit, react and vue.js) to ensure a full stack data science experience

Design Thinking

ROI-focus, UX and workflow-driven design and implementation coupled with continual improvement

Accelerated AI in one month

Dream big but start small. 

No AI solution starts without a basic grounding in high level KPIs and a dashboard.

Our 5-tier inverted maturity map ensures you move to productionizing (predictive AI) in one month.

Big Data too often means little ROI
how much of the 94 Zettabytes of data today are organisations doing anything useful with ?

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