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Businesses and organisations are wasteful, often spending money on big, multi-vendor delivery projects where agile is often used by vendors as an excuse to distribute responsibility.

The current trend is away from monopolistic systems towards platforms comprised of disparate “best-of-breed” digital solutions across the AI ecosystem. So cost-sensitive API-connectivity rather than big-budget integration.


The vision is for CE to be a leader / “key-node” service provider in this space.

Our Story is an individual-led organisation. That doesn't mean I work alone - its a partner ecosystem. But the buck stops here.

Leveraging a history of client project experience in the the energy sector, and now across AI horizontal solutions, is today:


  • an on-prem and hybrid cloud AI solution accelerator

  • key-node service disruptor and advisor

  • supporting consumers to design-think and plan their AI and data strategy

  • and still helping businesses own the decision on their energy use, supply (price) and self generation

The current trend is away from monopolistic systems towards platform solutions encompassing disparate “best-of-breed” digital solutions across the data, AI and cloud software ecosystem, but companies are still struggling to grasp what AI means, and what it can do.


Often these are corporates burdened by legacy tools and poor innovation practises.

Some are fearful of the impact on jobs; others have ethical concerns around wealth, access to credit, public service bias etc.

Covid and an inflation-hindered economy has accelerated digitalisation whilst at the same time forced companies to develop cheaper, smaller, more open-source based solutions.

Many of these remain highly-integrated with CSP services.

And cloud and galloping digitalisation have given rise to a vicious culture of disruption – the productivity benefits of AI are difficult to ignore.

Yet for both SMEs and corporates who understand the benefits, the time to deliver solutions is too slow. “Big Tech” solutions have become “too big” and dispersed, cost models too “opaque”.


It can take 6 months to get to speak to the right  person to implement an AI solution.

AI – an opportunity or a threat ?

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