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Image by Pascal Meier

Can ChatGPT (or Python) create animations on demand ?

Prompting ChatGPT to give me a code sample for a mini-animation graphic…

Inspired last week by the graphic in the image below, I posted a comment on LinkedIn to find out the underlying technology / programming language used to create it.

Source: Prabhat Chaudhary

The author didn’t reply but it got me thinking whether creating something like in Python (quickly!) could be supported by ChatGPT / GPT-4 / Copilot.

Setting up a Colab notebook in the background and ChatGPT with the prompt: “hello, im looking for some code to create mini animated visuals in python “, I was led on a virtual wild goose chase but there were a few positives, including that the debugging process can be quicker via ChatGPT than via e.g. Stack Overflow.

Here is the edited version - stick with it for the interpreted image 'hallucinations' along the way.

As the result was more than unsatisfactory, I went off on the traditional research approach. The Python turtle library came up a few times – its a little primitive and animations are a bit blocky – although this semaphore animation is pretty cool:

In the end, with some lateral thinking and this link, plus some fine tuning in powerpoint (and absolutely no Python) I did manage to arrive at this...

...which was quick if you know how to fiddle around in powerpoint and don't have hours to waste coding it...hmmm.

Of course my gut feel is at some stage Copilot / GPT-4 or 5 or 6 should and/or will be able do this at the drop of a hat. Please reach out if you find a better approach, or (as a stretch exercise!) can recreate something like this with Python:

For logo source see here

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