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The AI Ecosystem

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Delivering successful Data Science is a bit like a Swiss Watch – there are lots of moving parts, and a great deal of touchpoints beyond a machine learning model or a python notebook.

This is quite well illustrated by Google here

In the workplace, Data Science is maturing as a service and today is often wrapped up in a broader “AI strategy”. But application has largely involved only a handful of technical experts. Democratization of AI is likely to be a bigger focus for 2023 - shifting from expert/niche knowledge to achieving buy-in across the wider ecosystem of key stakeholders (all employees, customers and business partners).

Industrialization of AI is also a dominant trend today with employers pushing for “smarter” implementation of Data Science projects, focussing on reusability, scalability and safety of AI at a Design Thinking stage, rather than as an afterthought.

We will be posting here a broader series on AI going into 2023, covering everything from best practise, data ingestion, cloud, modelling, automation, full stack data science, industry relevance and Enterprise AI so stay tuned!

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